Huddersfield Town Fan - Schindler

Hi, Huddersfield Town fan here coming in peace.

Im just wondering if you could give me your opinion on Schindler as none of us really know much about. And whether you see him as a loss to your team and do you think he can make it in England?

[size=10]Respond in german or english (I’ll use google translate)[/size]

German version:

Hallo, Huddersfield Town Fan hier kommen in Frieden.

Ich frage mich nur , wenn Sie mir geben könnte Ihre Meinung zu Schindler , da keiner von uns wissen viel über wirklich . Und ob Sie ihn als einen Verlust an Ihr Team sehen und denken Sie, kann er es in England zu machen?

Reagieren Sie auf Deutsch oder Englisch (Ich werde verwenden Google Translate )


You realize you DO need a visa just to come here now? No EU, no 60 forum … :wink:

in earnest, you are talking to fans of a club that is in a terrible mess, and has been so for the past 12 years. at least …

Which results in the fans being highly frustrated and likely to react to players rather aggresively sometimes …

Christopher Schindler is a home grown player, having been in this club for 16 years. This endears him to many fans who think that home grown players are the core of a proper footballing team, and they like him and cheer him. On the other side many vent their anger at him, claiming he is too slow and not versatile enough.

My personal opinion is that he could, given a steady surrounding, be a great asset to your team and I’m pretty sure he’s no mercenary, he will always try to give his best and not just collect his pay check.



Schindler is a solid defender, at least for German 2nd division standards.
He had some problems adjusting to the higher level after he got promoted from our junior team to our first-team squad, but matured a lot over the last two years.

Will he make it in England? Hard to tell really, he definitely has enough potential but it will depend on whether he is given enough time to get used to the English type of football (more physical, harder tackles etc).

Congratulations if you really get „Schinz“. A „true blue“ lion for the terriers! Schindler still is young and improving, and there is a reason why he was selected as our captain. He is a fighter, an „aerial powerhouse“, he is very clever and cool, has great manners and has all what it needs to succeed in England. You should feel blessed. Please accord him and his young family (very taking wife, too) a hearty welcome in Huddersfield. I would hate to see him go (but it could be a great decision from his perspective). We would lose one of our best players! And, by the way, one of our best looking ones, too, as my wife adds …

He is probably the only player in Germany where a ref had to shove him away…and he actually gotten away with it :smiley:

Otherwise? This is a great catch for you lads, a player that is a quiet leader, great defender and extremly decent being - I think you will be very, very pleased and he will be quite missed here…

Congrats! His loss is a shame for us. Just give him a little time.

Hi, guess he is a down to earth person looking for the right team at the right place.

One thing … pleae do not trust in google translator.