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Please excuse nein sprecken deutch

Can you buy tickets for the game on the day at the arena.

Man City fans in peace.

Dear Bert,

of course you can buy your ticket directly at the stadium.
There won’t be any problems to buy a ticket at matchday!
Tickets for our games will never be sold out.

best regards

Cheers Chris

Please excuse me i dont know what im doing everything is in German! Looking forward to seeing the Lions, always hated Bayern and know how fans of 1860 feel. Supported Manchester City all my life -(in the Shadow of Man Utd for years and years) however fairy tales do come true!!! It is nice to see them squirm. Hope one day 1860 look down on Bayern. Hope springs eternal.


Andy (Bert)

Weiss ja nicht ob das echt oder verarsche ist,
but blues are always welcome

We are for real mate dont worry. - Wir sind für echte Kumpel keine Sorge.

As we say in Manchester better dead than red.

Hi Andy,
on you can find any information, you need to know for your first stadium-visit.
For e.g. the FAQs: [url=‚‘][/url]

Don’t be afraid to getting there. There are everywhere people, which can help you.

Right in front of the stadium, there are the box offices, called “Kassen-Canyons”. They are on a lower level, marked with a big balloon with “Tickets” on it. You can’t overlook these unsightly ballons.
Here are two pictures:

(Don’t worry - normaly there aren’t that many fans there)

The ballon infront of the „Kassen-Canyon“

Take a look at the following seating plan:

The cheapest tickets are at standing-block 112 – 117 (nearby the guest-block). Want a good view at the pitch? Buy a ticket for block 121/122 (quiet expansive). 230/231 has also a good view on the pitch.

Further questions? Don’t hesitate to ask ;-)


Hi Chris

Thanks a lot mate, excellent English. great info. Would like to a seat with some atmosphere, singing, shouting etc where should we go?
Where do you suggest a beer before the match? At the staduim or in the centre of Munich - No irish or english bars though!
I have been to the old olympic stadium in Munich and Berlin stadium, but not the allianz - looking forward to this one.

1860 really struggling? Just leaving work to go and watch City v Stoke in the pub.

Up the Lions and the blues.

BDTR - Better dead than red.



Hi Andy,

thanks :wink:
If you want to stand during the match, buy a ticket at block 113 (or the blocks nearby).

Drink your beer in the city! Next to the arena is: nothing. Expect a highway and a
purification plant :wink: There is no bar or pub around.

Do you come to Munich just for the game or do you stay for longer? There are many
authentic bars, which invites you to have some drinks :wink:


Hallo Chris

Nochmals vielen Dank für die Info. Wird versucht, zu stehen. Nicht in England erlaubt. Wir mögen ein Bier so der Mitte ist . Dritter Besuch in München, liebe den Ort , irgendwelche guten Bars sollten wir nicht verpassen ?

Fertig HB haus . Liebe dunkel , Lebensmittel und Deutsch Mädels .

Ein Prosit


Found a traslator hope it makes sense.